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Clinic-Based Therapies

A) Intensive ABA Therapy: Includes 10-30 hours per week of comprehensive ABA therapy.  Includes a full ABA Team, typically comprising of 2-4 clinicians.  Therapy focuses on developmental skills that span a wide range of developmental areas, including  communication,  social emotional development, daily living skills, adaptive behavior, attending skills, fine and gross motor development, and reduction of problem behaviors.  RBT sessions occur in the clinic. BCBA sessions may occur in home, clinic, or school settings.  This is an ideal option children age 6 and under with limited communication or adaptive behavior skills, and for children above age 6 who have been unable to maintain school placement due to limited beginning learner skills or interfering maladaptive behaviors.


B) Focus ABA Therapy: 2-10 hours per week of ABA therapy focused exclusively on the primary areas of concern.  The first session each week generally occurs at the clinic site, while subsequent sessions  may occur in the home, community, or clinic.  All focused therapy sessions are conducted by a BCBA or Licensed clinician.  This is an ideal option for children who attend full-time school and have a few primary areas of concern.

C) Learner Prep Program: A 14-week summer program designed for children age 3-6 to teach the basic learner skills necessary to be successful in a classroom environment. Focuses on teaching basic communication skills, increasing attention span, following individual and group instructions, following a schedule, initiating peer interactions, and more. Program takes place on Tuesdays and Thursday for 10 weeks in our clinic location and includes 4 weeks of ongoing support to help transfer skills learned over the summer into the home and school environment. Children who will be entering school for the first time or who are in need of skills that will help them to be able to  participate more fully in their school environment are ideal candidates.  

D)  Bridge Program: A 12-week summer peer program for kids age 8-18 that focuses building daily living skills and participating in community activities.  This program takes place all day on Wednesdays.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluations available without a wait list for Autism, ADD, or ADHD.

School Consultation

A) General Consultation – This service is available directly to an individual School or District and goals are determined on an individual basis depending on specific school needs and goals. Examples of past School Consultation projects include completing FBAs and creating BIPs for students with maladaptive behaviors, teacher and team training on behavior intervention packages, Professional Development series in autism, managing maladaptive behaviors, or other related topics, setting up whole classroom interventions to support individuals with special needs, implementation of data collection procedures meet IEP requirements and accurately capture progress made, general consultation  and ongoing support in development of high quality autism or special needs programs, or consultation related to building capacity within existing school teams that serve high-needs populations. Ideal candidates are school teams or districts who want additional support for their special needs students and to build capacity within their own team to meet these needs. 

B) FBA/BIP Package: 20-hour package that includes completion of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to determine what purpose a given maladaptive behavior serves for an individual and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that outlines a step-by-step plan for how to reduce the problem behavior and teach replacement skills that serve the same purpose of the client. Includes parent, teacher, or caregiver training on the plan according to setting. This is a good option for an individual whose only therapeutic requests are related to reduction of interfering  behaviors. And for whom ongoing therapy are not feasible.  

C) Independent Educational Evaluation – A third party, private evaluation of a student in the school environment and recommendations for supports and services appropriate for the student to best access and learn from the school environment. Includes any necessary home-school collaboration related to the evaluation and attendance to team meeting to review results. Candidates of this service include students with a developmental, social-emotional, or behavioral disorder who are being evaluation by the school but require and outside or third-party expertise to complete evaluation. 


A) We offer a variety of on-site parent, school, and community training topics,  including Introduction to Autism, Basics Strategies for Teaching Language and Communication, Crisis De-Escalation, Problem Solving Problem Behaviors, and more. Special topics available on request.  

B) Virtual Parent Training – Includes a 6 course 8.5 hours of self-paced online training series designed to teach families how to use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to improve their child’s behavior, communication, social, and academic skills. Includes additional free access to a library of 128 additional classes related to topics in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis. Candidates for this training are parents or caregivers who would like introductory training to learn about evidence-based techniques and strategies that they can utilize to best support an individual with autism or related disorder. Includes individualized professional support from a BCBA to help guide which no-cost add-on courses and classes may be beneficial for each specific caregiver. 

C) Virtual Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Training Package – Includes a 40-hour self-paced online training package in Applied Behavior Analysis that meets the training requirements of RBT certification. Option to include a 2 hour in-person competency assessment at the conclusion of training to meet the second requirement for RBT certification. Candidates for this program are individuals who would like to pursue entry-level training and certification in Applied Behavior Analysis.  

BCBA Professional Supervision

Supervision for professionals going through coursework to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Includes a combination of Individual and Group Supervision. Supervision focuses on teaching the clinical skills necessary to be a well-rounded and knowledegable BCBA, and implementing the concepts learned in BCBA coursework into one’s current work environment to maximize success. Includes both individual and group supervision formats and meets full requirements of BCBA supervision standards. Opportunities for experience to meet experience standards are available through Colorado Autism Consultants for qualified applicants.